Land Use Plan Drafts and Related Materials

FINAL  DRAFT for adoption

Per Ohio Revised Code 303, the Board of County Commissioners, Wood County, Ohio, will review the final version of the 2016 Wood County Land Use Plan on April 20th, 2017 at 9:30 A.M., in the Commissioners’ Session Room, Fifth Floor, County Office Building, Bowling Green, OH 43402.  The plan has undergone extensive public review as well as review by the Planning Commission Board, the Planning Commission Staff and a Steering Committee.  The document was recommended for Commissioners’ approval by the Wood County Planning Commission in February of 2017 and the plan is now ready for official adoption.  This document shall serve as the primary tool for making land use decisions in Wood County.  Interested citizens may view and comment on the plan by visiting the Wood County Planning Commission Office located on the Fifth Floor of the County Office in Bowling Green, OH 43402 between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

Wood County Final Draft Land Use Plan for Adoption.

Executive Summary and Toolbox

Appendix A – Trends and Forces

Appendix B – Public Input

PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT dated 10/24/16

FINAL  REVIEW DRAFT dated 01/09/2017

Residents of Wood County and all other interested persons are invited to review and provide comments on this FINAL review draft of the Wood County Future Land Use Plan.  The Planning Commission members will discuss the final draft and may make a recommendation to the Wood County Commissioners’  to adopt the new Land Use Plan.

1. Executive Summary and Toolbox

2. The Plan

3. Appendix A – Trends and Forces

4. Appendix B – Public Input

PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT dated 10/24/16

Residents of Wood County and all other interested persons are invited to review and provide comments on this public review draft of the Wood County Future Land Use Plan.

1. The Plan

2. Appendix A – Trends and Forces

3. Appendix B – Public Input

As you review the draft future land use plan, please consider the following components of the plan:

  • The Trends and Forces that are driving change in Wood County;
  • The Guiding Principles, Goals, and Strategies that guide future land use in Wood County;
  • The Land Use Management Areas that serve as a general  framework for recommendations about development and preservation for the county;
  • The Development Types that establish appropriate types and scale of development based on context and land use priorities which are not mapped but could be used by the townships and municipalities when they create local land use plans for zoning implementation; and
  • The Implementation Work Plan and Toolbox to realize the future land use plan.

We will be holding an Open House on December 7, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Wood County District Library in Bowling Green for the citizens, townships, and municipalities to come review the plan and provide input and have questions answered.

For more information, please contact David Steiner or Katie Baltz at (419) 354-9128.



Please be advised that the Wood County Planning Commission will be conducting a meeting on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the Commissioners’ Hearing Room, Fifth Floor, in the County Office Building.  This meeting is being held to review themes and forces shaping Wood County’s future and to establish guiding principles for the future land use plan.

The public – stakeholders and Steering Committee members will be asked to listen to a brief presentation and to actively participate in an exercise designed to prioritize and select goals and guiding principles that will serve as the foundation for the final land use plan.

We actively encourage as many stakeholders as possible to attend this meeting.

May 11 Memo and Agenda



Contact: David Steiner, Director of Planning
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  ; P: (419) 354-9128



WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – 5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM
at the Junior Fair Building,  Wood County Fairgrounds
13800 W Poe Rd, Bowling Green, OH

Bowling Green, OH, January 18, 2016 — Residents of Wood County and all other interested persons are invited to express their opinions about the future growth of Wood County and discuss updating the county’s future land use plan at a public workshop being held by the Wood County Planning Commission on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Junior Fair Building at the Wood County Fairgrounds, 13800 West Poe Road, in Bowling Green.

The event is designed to engage participants in discussions and identification of opportunities and challenges the county may face over the next 20 years. The event will also include exercises for participants to identify critical areas for protection, reinvestment, and growth on maps of the county.  A fifteen-minute reception and sign-in will be followed by small group work for approximately one and a half hours.  The event will be led by county staff and consultants.

The future land use plan is an official public document adopted by the county that articulates the community’s vision for its future; it serves as a guide for development and preservation recommendations made by the County Planning Commission and zoning decisions made by Wood County Townships.  The county’s existing plan was adopted in 2007, and since that time development trends and regulations have changed. As such, it has been decided that it is time to create a new, clear vision for the future.

“For this effort to be successful, it is vital that the final plan accurately represents both a sustainable countywide vision and a more detailed vision held by the Townships, so it is important the citizens of Wood County be actively involved in updating their plan from the very beginning,” said Director of the Wood County Planning Commission Dave Steiner.  “We know that the plans of our cities and villages will also have an important role in the decisions made for the unincorporated areas of the county.  That’s why we are reaching out to these communities to be active in the process.”

This meeting is the first in a series of community engagement events that the county will hold in 2016 as it works on the future land use plan.  To extend the participation opportunities for residents and business owners the activities of February 10, 2016 will be posted on the County Planning Commission website through early March.

For more information, please contact David Steiner or Katie Baltz at (419) 354-9128 or on our website:


Kick Off Flyer

The Wood County Planning Commission will be working with McBride Dale Clarion in 2016 to update Wood County’s Land Use Plan.  More details to follow.

2007 Wood County Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Land Use Map

FINAL - Proj-LandUse_2008

  • The Wood County Comprehensive Land Use Plan is one of the main tools used by the Planning Commission in making land use decisions in Wood County.
  • The Comprehensive Plan is designed to be used in conjunction with local zoning to achieve the highest and best use of the land in Wood County.
  • The plan provides suggestions as to where certain types of land uses should occur within the County. The plan takes into account factors like location of utilities, access to highways, and land use trends in a particular area, all of which help make land use decision making.

Land Use Plan Update Process

  • The current land use plan was adopted in 2007, and has a “shelf life” of 2013. The new version of the plan will contain a series of clear and concise methods that could be used to achieve the type of growth in Wood County that the Planning Commissions and Wood county Resident’s wish to see.
  • The update process itself involves the work of a steering committee, which is made up of volunteers and stakeholders who represent a wide range of interests and backgrounds in Wood County. The business, agricultural, conservation, educational and social service communities are all represented on the steering committee.
  • In addition to the diverse membership of the steering committee helping shape the update of the land use plan update, the Planning Commission is also aware that public input from the residents of Wood County is as, or is more important than steering committee input in regards to bringing pertinent land use issues in Wood County to light. The Planning Commission and the steering committee are going to great lengths to solicit input from the most important end user of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan: the residents of Wood County. Look for us at the 2016 Wood County Fair, come to one of the town hall meetings that we will be holding at various locations in Wood County throughout 2016, complete an online survey, or fill one out at various locations throughout the County.