Parcel Splits

Procedure for Parcel Combinations

Property owners seeking to consolidate existing parcels of land and/or add additional land to an existing parcel of land shall follow the procedure for parcel combinations as outlined below:

a. Property owner shall acquire all parcels that will make up the combined parcel. New legal descriptions may be required.

b. Property owner shall then, in a separate duly recorded deed, convey to themselves all of the existing legal descriptions that are involved in the parcel combination followed by the phrase “now known as”, and the new combined legal description. All subsequent transfers will convey only the new combined legal description.

c. Property owner may then resplit the newly combined parcel as they choose. Newly created parcels must comply with applicable zoning regulations and subdivision regulations.

View Wood County’s Land Transfer Policy

Procedure for Parcel Splits

  • Parcel splits are reviewed by the Wood County Planning Commission Office and the Wood County Engineers Office prior to recording.
  • Preliminary approval of the proposed parcel split may be granted by submitting a copy of the legal description and a survey drawn by a registered professional surveyor.
  • Final approval may be granted when a deed is submitted along with the legal description and survey.

The proposed division of a parcel of land must meet all of the following conditions:

  • The proposed subdivision is located along an existing public road and involves no opening, widening, or extension of any street or road, and in the case of residential lots, does not involve an easement of access.
  • No more than five (5) lots are involved after the original parcel (since 1961) has been completely subdivided.
  • The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable subdivision or zoning regulations.
  • The physical characteristics of the property are suitable for building sites.
  • There is no division or allocation of land for parks and open spaces.

The Planning Commission shall within seven (7) working days after submission, approve the proposed parcel split. If the proposed parcel split is disapproved, the subdivider shall be notified in writing within seven (7) working days after submission.