Wood County Subdivision Regulations were amended on January 18, 2018.

 Amended Subdivision Regulations Effective January 18 2018 

NEW Wood County Subdivision Regulations became effective August 6, 2014.

 Wood County Subdivision Regulations 8/6/14 

If seeking a variance, use the Subdivision Variance Form .

The new Subdivision Regulations frequently reference Wood County Subdivision Site Improvement Manual (WCSSIM) from the Wood County Engineer’s Office.

As per Ohio Revised Code Chapter 711, Planning Commissions are designated as the County agency responsible for reviewing, approving and setting standards for all subdivisions in a particular jurisdiction which in the case of Wood County is all of the unincorporated areas of the County. A subdivision can mean anything from a lot split to a large traditional subdivision complete with public utilities and improvements.

The primary tool used in regulating subdivisions is the Wood County Subdivision Rules and Regulations. This document sets forth uniform standards that all subdivisions in the County must conform to. These standards cover topics such as road design standards, placement of easements, open space construction, and housing density.

Subdivisions that are reviewed by the Planning Commission consist of residential, commercial, and industrial subdivisions. Another regulatory area of the subdivision process consists of the setting of standards for all parcel splits that occur within the unincorporated areas of Wood County.

For detailed information on Wood County’s parcel split policy, please click here.